Pressure for Perfection

Your TTBio Quality Advantage 
Pressure for Perfection

To make sure dentists feel comfortable while using TTBio dental instruments, we have been working strenuously to include every well-noted quality control method to guarantee the highest product quality. Because of our insistence on quality improvement, TTBio has been given numerous certifications.

Certification of Medical System and Products
ISO 13485:2003
FDA 510(K) clearance letter No.K052822, No.K062812, No.K102517, No.K112305
CE0086 comply with 93/42/EEC
SFDA 2011 No.2550071 (R), No.2550078 (R), No.2550055, No.2550072, No.2550105, No.2550080, No.2550081, No.2550171
TFDA No.002385 (R)