After 30 years of accumulation in precision machining, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, mechatronics, solid innovation and know-how ability, TTBio has successfully entered into the field of dental devices by exerting the above technologies. Through constant upgrade, TTBio has utilized advanced FEM/CFD analysis, German equipment, and a strict quality control system to provide the highest customer satisfaction.


TTBio was formed as an efficient & flexible goal-oriented team, we rely upon “team work” to take up complex challenges and create the greatest value for customers by encouraging open communication between all levels within our organization. This core value enlarges the effectiveness of any management and helps to better serve our customers.


TTBio believes that for each product that we put into our customers’ hands, that those products will be bettering the lives of many. Therefore, we will continue to persevere by not only producing the highest quality dental equipment, but by also giving our customers the best value possible. At TTBio, we place ourselves in our customers' shoes to help us to develop a deep understanding of their needs—enabling us to get ahead of the industry to create extraordinary user experiences.


Innovation is the key to success for TTBio. Everyone at TTBio strives for perfection in everything that they do. This core value involves brainstorming and constant questioning to filter potential problems from every proposal and to help develop products that exceed customer’s expectations and to enhance the overall features of our products.


TTBio pursues technological and quality optimization through a profound interpretation of customer's needs to continuously improve product quality and further to reach high customer's satisfaction. As a highly experienced manufacturer, TTBio can provide customers with affordable products of the highest standard under the company's unique brand. It is TTBio’s vision to create a global brand by offering top-of-the-line products and services through a global chain of engineering, manufacturing, and marketing to become a top leader in the industry of dental devices.