Spray Issue

Too much or insufficient water amount?

Based on the different needs, the amount of water can be adjusted on the dental chair by dentists themselves. 

Are the pressure for single spray same as multi spray system?

No, they are different because the triple spray usually produces larger amount of water. In order to have better spray effect, water system pressure should be adjusted before using. The design of connector may also affect the setting. To achieve optimal cooling effect, it is highly recommended to adjust spray pressure before using.

Difference between single spray and multi spray.

Single spray-

Cons.: Not easily get stuck; Pros: Single spray angle.

Multi spray-

Cons.: Multi-spray angle; Pros.: Easily stuck when water is not clean.

Water is not coming out or un-smooth?

Please follow the below steps to exclude the water issue

  1. Use multi-gauge to adjust chip air and water pressure (chip air pressure must be greater than chip water pressure and both values need to be set at the same time).
  2. Use cleaning needle to ensure all spray holes are working properly.
  3. If problem still exists, please contact our dealer or THI service center to have further examination or part replacing. 


What is the maintenance procedure?

Clean→Lubricate→Sterilize→Store (sequence)
Manual: Clean the surface of handpiece→Use spray nozzle to lub (2~3sec)→insert bur on the handpiece and have it racing on dental chair for 5-10 sec. .
Auto: Use an Automatic Handpiece Maintenance Unit (TTcare 100+) to process clean and lubricating procedure→take out handpiece and have it racing on dental chair for 5-10 sec. with bur inserted.

Should we sterilize handpiece with burs inserted?

Do not sterilize with a bur inserted! Modern design chuck system will not have the idling issue, thus burs are not necessarily to be inserted during lubrication. This will shorten the lifetime of handpiece (chuck system). In addition, lubricating with a bur inserted will not give a thorough lubrication of the chuck system.

Product Spec & Functionality

What is the difference between Tiger 300N & Tiger 500N connection?

Tiger 300N is compatible with NSK QDJ(Pana Max), whereas Tiger 500N is compatible with NSK(Mach) coupling.

How many lighting system does EZclick coupling have?

Two types: Xenon and LED
Xenon: Colour is close to Halogen (yellowish). Shorter lifetime and higher temperature.
LED: Colour is close to day light (white). Longer lifetime and lower temperature compare to Xenon bulb.

What is the working speed of TTBio handpieces?

It varies among different product series!
-Highspeed: Between 300,000 ~350,000 rpm/min.
-Lowspeed: Contra-angle max. 25,000rpm/min.
-Straight handpiece max. 40,000rpm/min
-Air motor 22,000rpm/min (3.0 bar).

Dental chair-related parameters

Why do we need a multi-gauge to measure the pressure?

When compressed air enters dental chair, it will go through many pressure valve and piping, resulting in consumption of pressure which would cause difference between pressure shown on dental chair and actual output (pressure from multi gauge). Therefore, it is necessary to measure the actual pressure and further to adjust pressure to suggested values to optimize the function of handpiece. 

Here are the brief explanation of pressure

-Too much driven air→handpiece is over rotating which lead to accerlate bearing wear , abnormal sound occur, and shorten handpiece lifetime.
-Too little driven air→insufficient torque
-Value of cooling water pressure→affect water amount
-Value cooling air pressure→affect water mist

Why do we need a voltmeter to check the voltage?

Ensure the voltage is within specification, beyond the specification may affect the brightness and shorten the lifetime of bulb.


Insufficient Xenon or LED bulb brightness?

1. Adjust Xenon bulb voltage to 3.4~3.6 Vd.c, adjust LED bulb to 2.8~3.6Vd.c.

2. Periodically clean the glass rod. 

3. If the problem still exists, pelase replace a new bulb. 


Fiber-optic failure problem?

Fiber optic- Easily fracture or light fracture after high temperature and sterilization.
Glass rod - TTBio handpieces with light employs glass rod that is made in Japan can still maintain 90% of high-temperature sterilization effectiveness after a year.

Light is not bright enough or too bright?

Check the optical circuit board and adjust the voltage (do not exceed specified voltage range), depending on the dentists preferences.

Diamond Bur

Does the bur vibrate while cutting?

Always check bur length before using (mini head should not be installed 21mm or longer bur). Use a TTBio bur gauge to check the straightness and diameter of bur.

Difficult to install bur?

1. New handpiece: Use TTBio bur gauge to check the straightness and diameter of bur.
2. Existing handpiece: May have installation problem due to insufficient maintenance. Please regularly use TTBio Automatic Handpiece Maintenance Unit (TTcare 100+) for lubricating chuck system to maximize the function and extend the lifetime.

What is the function of TTBio Bur Gauge and how do we use them?

Use a TTBio bur gauge to ensure bur straightness and diameter are compatible with ISO standard. 

Warranty and Shelf Life

Short lifetime for handpieces?

The lifetime of handpiece may vary from environment and maintenance regularity.
Please check:
1. If the compressed air is filtered and then connect to dental chair.
2. Dental chair air and water pressure conform to handpiece needs.
3. Has followed the standard procedure to maintain handpieces?
4. Handpieces are cleaned and lubricated regularly (Suggest to clean, lubricate, and sterilize after every treatment).
5. Has handpiece been sterilized in the right way?

What are the repair prices after warranty? How do we get prices for other brands repair?

Repair price(quote according to product codes), repair warranty is 6 months(dependent upon company policy). Other brand repairs should be 6 months warranty (dependent upon company policy).


Where is TTBio handpieces manufactured?

Made in Taiwan. TTBio’s design philosophy is more like European style handpiece. We integrate European quality, performance and durability and combine with Asian ergonomic design.

Air or oil leak at the handpiece / pipe connecting part.

1. Please confirm if dental unit and pipe are conform to ISO standard.

2. If coupling and pipe are correctly connected.

3. Check if gasket is missing or wear.

4. Is pipe line broken?
If the problem still exists after going through above steps, please contact our dealer or THI service center to have further examination or parts replacing. 

Water leaks at the handpiece / coupling connecting part.

1. Check if the leakage is water or oil.
2. Check for leakage amount and sustainability. Minor residual oil from handpieces is normal. Ensure that leakage does not last.
3. Check the quality of o-ring on the coupling. Ensure it is not damaged.

4. If the problem still exists, pelase contact our dealer or THI service center to have further examination or parts replacing. 

Is it necessary to adjust the pressures on the dental chair before using TTBio handpieces?

TTBio handpiece is delicated insturment. Therefore, air compressor and other devices used by the handpiece must be in accordance with ISO requirement. Also adjust dental unit to suggested pressure to optimize the function. Please note that must set air pressure higher that water pressure before operation.